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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Say Hello!


At last: my own food blog! I've always been wanting to write my own blog which encompasses my dining journey, particularly in Singapore where I'm currently studying and perhaps some tips and advice for you, food-goers out there!

I'll try my best to update this blog as much as I can, amidst the hectic university life I'm currently experiencing.

Special thanks goes to Yee Zhuangli, the catalyst for the creation of this blog.

Have a nice meal,


Zhuangli said...

hello cliff! how can you say this a rambling?! thank you for the special credits! catalyst reminds me of pemangkin again haha! anyway, I shall wait for your review :) congrats on the opening of this new blog! :D

Cliff said...

hahaha... i dunno what label to use, and since i think sometimes i will post random ramblings, i shall just use it for this one :P

ohh i'd love to learn stuff in bahasa melayu! i think it's gonna be fun. :)

yup, i'll try my best to update this blog often!

Yong Qiang LIEW said...

Hey cliff! remember to share every post on fb! i'll be staying tuned! :)

Cliff said...

haha sure! i'll update it again tonite! :)

Zhuangli said...

haha, all right! I guess you'll laugh at the malay terms :P i have already started to forget a lot of them though... anyway, this blog template is nice! :)