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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What to Expect?

It's only the 2nd day and I've alrady seen almost 200 pageviews. That's encouraging! :)

Hmm, just a few things to say. First of all, I'm taking all the pictures using my old 1.3 megapixel camera phone. Therefore, I'd like to apologise in advance if some of the pictures I'm going to post don't possess high quality. Anyway, I'll still be using my phone because it's still usable, so there's no reason for me to throw it away. Honestly, I'd rather spend S$500 on Kaiseki Ryouri, a multi-course Japanese set meal.

I have several folders in my laptop dedicated just for food and beverages. I'll sort them out really soon and write more entries when I'm free! Sigh, too bad recess week has come to an end. But I'll write one more entry before midnight!

Besides that, even though it appears as if I'm a person who can eat anything and everything, there are some things which I really dislike and thus they (most likely) won't appear in this blog: the 'king of fruits' (a.k.a. durian) and internal organs (e.g. liver, heart, brain, etc., although I can eat chicken and pig intestines).

Before I end this entry, I'd like to introduce you to my two best buddies (see picture below) who're going to help me with the Pika's Advice and Melon's Rating section in each restaurant entry!

They'll be the mascots of this blog! So yup, stay tuned! :P

Have a nice meal,


Zhuangli said...

whoa, 1.3 mp only! my phone cam is 2 mp but it will never achieve your quality of images! Hm, I have no special liking for Durian too though I could eat.

Cliff said...

haha ok i almost logged out from my gmail but i see a new comment so i shall reply before i go to bed!

yeahhh, 1.3 mp and i have to be content with it XD i've been practising a lot with the camera! and i didn't use photoshop at all in the pictures, except for putting my name at the bottom right-hand corner.

i hate durian to the max, although everyone in my family likes it!

Zhuangli said...

CLIFF! I just read about a review on ieatishootipost...


looks good! kaiseki! :D

Cliff said...

wow, looks like it's value for money haha! thanks for sharing!