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Hello! Why Cliff(y), you ask? Well, a lot of people I've met since primary school till now have always called me Cliffy! Unless specifically mentioned, I personally paid for whatever chargeable stuff featured in my blogs. Anyway, for every 50 posts I come up with, and every 25,000 pageviews, I'm donating a sum of money to the World Food Programme. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

1,000+ Pageviews!

Seeing more than 1000 pageviews within less than a month (my very first entry was on 26 Feburary 2011) is really encouraging. Thanks, readers! I'm still a new food blogger, so please pardon me if some of my entries aren't up to standard.

I know I'm supposed to write an entry today, but I really need to do something now, so I guess I'll postpone the next entry to Saturday. I promise I'll update this blog regularly.

Well, it's interesting to see that the entry on Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant has the highest pageviews so far: 130. People are into buffet, eh?

Oh, Pikachu and Melon say THANK YOU too! 

They're too tired today, so I'll give them a break. Haha... Okay, I shall stop finding reasons and do my work instead. Stay tuned, and good night!

Have a nice meal,

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