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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 is Here!

Happy New Year, everyone! :D Big hugs from Pikachu and Melon!

This year, we're thinking of starting to write reviews on airline meals, where each review will be given only two tags/labels for simplicity: the country associated with the airline, as well as the new tag 'Airline Meals'. Actually, we wanted to review those meals which we've had on board, including the ever-interesting J and F class meals. However, due to the much agonising crash of hard drive 2 semesters ago, all the necessary pictures have gone (no back-up data ><). Well, probably we won't have the time to fly that often nowadays, much less in luxury, perhaps, but we'll try our best!

Also, we'll be leaving for Hong Kong, another food paradise, for a one semester exchange on 26 January! So, stay tuned! :) Ahh, that reminds me... We need to locate that KrisFlyer membership card before the departure date... ><

Have a nice meal,

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