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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Pikachu and Melon sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dearest food blog!

Thanks to everyone who've always supported us and never got bored with our blog! Today, I'd like to share some quick facts.

As of 26 February 2012, 00.00am...

No. of Reviews: 78

No. of Pageviews: 14,462

Top 5 Posts (by Pageviews):
1) SIN: Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
2) SIN: Thaipan
3) SIN: Sizzler
4) SIN: Dian Xiao Er
5) SIN: Suanthai

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant branch at PoMo Centre has been closed down for quite some time (since early last year?), the review is still very much popular and is seen at least 10 times a week!

Top 5 Countries (by Pageviews):
1) Singapore
2) Indonesia
3) United States
4) Malaysia
5) United Kingdom

What surprises me is the fact that Russia comes sixth. I don't think I know anyone living in Russia haha... If you happen to read this entry, thanks for dropping by all these while!

Till the next review! :) Oh, the blueberry cheesecake I bought to celebrate this special day (which also happens to be exactly a month since my arrival in HK) is really nice!

Have a nice meal,

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