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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grandpa would Love the Porridge Too!

I'd like to apologise for not updating my blog regularly. My grandpa passed away on the same day I published the review on Chowking. Rest in peace, grandpa! I'm sure God has prepared a very special place for you up there!


I ate two and a half bowls of porridge, I know not where my relatives got it from, on Friday night, after the closing of grandpa's casket. Served piping hot, the thick porridge was savoury due to the use of chicken broth, I believe, and was full of chicken bits, mushrooms, you tiao (Chinese cruller), fried wanton skin strips and scallions. Topped with fiery chili sauce made of fermented yellow soybean (not shown), it was a great dinner.

I should be ready to update the blog again by tomorrow or Tuesday! See you! :)

Have a nice meal,

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