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Thursday, November 14, 2013

JPN: Fujiko F. Fujio Museum Café (藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアムカフェ)

One of the most nostalgic meals in my life!

Being a huge fan of Doraemon, I couldn't afford to miss a day trip to the Fujiko F. Fujio museum at Kawasaki city situated between Tokyo and Yokohama. As I walked through the exhibition hall, I couldn't help but feel a rush of mixed feelings that made tears well up in my eyes: happiness, awe and perhaps a bit of sadness (that I'm no longer a little boy), but to name a few. Following which, I had a simple lunch at the café on the third floor.

Iced Hazelnut Milk ¥500 (~S$6.25)
Taste: 7.5/10

I hardly put up a beverage picture as the cover of a review, but well, it's Doraemon! The chilled milk indeed had a nice hint of hazelnut, but I found that it wasn't sweet enough. It could also be a bit thicker.

Wishing Star Rice Omelette ¥1,200 (~S$15.05)
Taste: 7.5/10

Avid fans of Doraemon should know that the wishing star is one of his gadgets. Fried rice was wrapped in a soft and thin sheet of egg. The sauce was made up of largely tomato sauce with a hint of spiciness. While it didn't taste extraordinary, I really like how the dish was presented.

Koike San Ramen ¥900 (~S$11.30)
Taste: 8/10

Koike is one of the characters in the manga series called Obake no Q-taro, primarily known as a person who really loves ramen. The ramen was pretty good and oily, although each strand of the noodle could be chewier. There were a few pieces of chashu (Japanese sliced pork belly) hidden under the seaweed. The dish came with a piece of inari sushi which beancurd skin wasn't overly sweet for my liking and the Japanese rice inside was well-cooked.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Pika's advice: If you come before 11.00am, you can try the secret breakfast set meal! It's basically Fujio sensei's staple breakfast. The food was nothing to rave about, but I really enjoyed my lunch time there. I'm amazed at how the café pays attention to details. On top of the presentation of the food, look at the coaster that came with my drink.

Besides that, look at the paper tray mat that came with the rice. I had a good time reading it while drinking my milk.

To be standing next to my favourite cartoon character since young was definitely one of the happiest moments in my life. Thank you, Fujio sensei; you're dearly missed... :')

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum Café

2-8-1 Nagao
Tama, Kawasaki
(Daily: 10.00am - 6.00pm)

*Prices quoted are nett prices.

Have a nice meal,

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