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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SIN: Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Quick Mexican fare with free tortilla chips!

Today's review shall be the last one of the month, and cheers for the fact that it's the first review with the label 'Mexican'! A fast casual chain of Tex-Mex restaurants, Baja Fresh was founded in California in 1990, currently having branches in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Singapore as well. 

Char Siu Quesadillas (Regular) S$13.95
Taste: 7.5/10

Derived from queso (Spanish word for 'cheese') and tortilla, the savoury dish bears the name of Chinese BBQ pork, but it's actually filled with carnitas (Mexican braised pork). The one that I tried showcased an interesting mix of the could-be-more-tender pork meat and melted Monterey Jack cheese. Served on the side were sour cream, guacamole (Mexican avocado dip) and tomato salsa.

Mahi Mahi Mexicano Burritos S$15.95
Taste: 7/10

The fat Mexican wrap was filled to the brim with fire-grilled mahi mahi fish, rice, beans, onions and coriander leaves. While the flavours could be more alive and kicking, I enjoyed the fish which which had an unmistakably smoky aroma, but it could be more succulent.

Churros S$4.50
Taste: 8/10

The deep-fried ridged snack was peppered with adequate amounts of sugar and cinnamon powder, giving it a heady fragrance. Each stick was pretty crunchy, light and airy, even though I started to feel that it was a tad dry upon finishing it. 

Tortilla Chips & Salsa FOC

Your order of a main course comes with a free serving of tortilla chips and different types of salsa which can be taken from the salsa bar. Out of the four varieties, I enjoyed the rightmost Salsa 6 Chiles. Despite its hair-raising name, apparently it wasn't that hot. The rest was mediocre.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 8/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Overall: 7/10

Pika's advice: Add S$2.55 to get a cup of soft drink with every order of a main course! That wasn't my first time having Mexican food, but I admit I've hardly explored its varieties. I shall try to discover more!

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

9 Bras Basah Road
#01-03 Rendezvous Gallery
(Mon-Thu: 8.30am - 10.00pm; Fri-Sun: 8.30am - 11.00pm)

*Prices quoted are subject to 7% GST.

Have a nice meal,

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