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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SIN: Potato Head Folk

Has anyone tried Krabby Patty (SpongeBob SquarePants!) before?

Housed in the iconic Ah Tong Building that one cannot miss when walking along Keong Saik Road, Potato Head Folk comprises three establishments, namely Three Buns, Studio 1939 and The Rooftop. On this occasion, I'd like to share with you the food that I had at Three Buns on the 2nd floor, and a beverage that I ordered from Studio 1939 from the 3rd floor.

Naughty Fries S$10.00
Taste: 7/10

A popular appetiser dish would be the hand-cut fried potatoes topped with mildly spicy sauce, beef chili, fried shallots and coriander. While the potatoes were enjoyably moist, the combination of the sauce and shallots wasn't really my cup of tea, even though it was pretty decent, if not a tad too salty towards the end.

Krabby Patty S$28.00
Taste: 7/10

You need not go to Bikini Bottom to get a bite of the famous burger under the sea, for this restaurant serves one with blue swimmer crab patty, lettuce, salted egg mayonnaise, fried shallots, chili, lime and coriander. The patty was succulent, but not much oozing with natural sweetness of the sea creature. I didn't detect any hint of salted egg on the mayonnaise, and I have to say that the burger was a little bit too oily for my liking. Pika's advice: Those of you who like to eat spicy food may want to try the Burning Man burger, featuring beef with roasted jalapeño relish.

Rich Chocolate S$6.00
Taste: 9/10

For dessert, I decided on the chocolate cup. It was a decadently rich mixture of dark and milk chocolate, so velvety that I was really tempted to get another one (read: the portion was quite small). Neither was it cloying nor sticky on the teeth. It definitely managed to lift my spirit up after having my (high) expectations dampened by the fries and the burger.

Artist Fruit Cup S$12.00
Taste: 6/10

Akin to fruit punch in terms of colour, the mocktail boasts a mix of pomegranate juice, rose and raspberry syrup, apple and lemon juice, as well as soda. The description is tantalising indeed, but the sweetness of the beverage that day leaned more towards the artificial side. Also, it wasn't fruity enough, despite the name.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 7/10
Ambience: 5.5/10
Service: 6/10
Overall: 6/10

While the dim environment was good, the level of noise on the 2nd floor that evening was somewhat getting on my nerves. Well, it's a place for youngsters. I didn't find the food amazing, save for the highly addictive chocolate cup. Apart from that, I also suspected that they actually forgot my burger order as a server stopped to look at my table for a while from a distance, so I had to wait for quite some time to get it.

Potato Head Folk

36 Keong Saik Road
(Tue-Sun: 5.00pm - 12 midnight)

*Prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Have a nice meal,

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