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Sunday, May 29, 2016

THA: Thai Airways [Economy, International, Short-Haul]

Savoury spicy and succulent Thai chili prawns that went well with rice!

From Jakarta, Indonesia, we move on to Bangkok, Thailand. I've been hearing good reviews about Thai Airways for the past few years, and I finally got the chance to try its short-haul economy class from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand. For someone who loves purple, the blend of what's considered to be a mysterious colour and magenta onboard certainly pleased me the moment I stepped into the plane.

The last time I went to the capital city of the Land of Smiles was in 2012, where I flew Ethiopian Airlines from Hong Kong, which route has now been discontinued as the airline now flies directly to Addis Ababa. Alright, let's see what Thai Airways offered for lunch.

TG Meal

Three Colour Pasta with Smoked Chicken in Thai Vinaigrette - Taste: 7.5/10

A mix of mild red, yellow and green corkscrew pasta met fresh vegetables and sliced smoked chicken. Everything was thoroughly mixed with the mildly sweet, sour and spicy vinaigrette.

Prawns with Chili Paste and Thai Style Omelette with Rice  Taste: 8.5/10

It was certainly a delight to have springy prawns and string beans cooked with chili paste that packed a punch with a nice sweet and salty balance as well. Accompanying them was an omelette with a nice eggy taste. The jasmine rice was executed well without being dehydrated.

The Indonesian option featured during the dinner service that day was a truly spicy Balinese fish dish that really whetted my appetite. It went really well with the well-cooked steamed rice, as well as the sauteed vegetables that weren't soggy.

Chicken Thigh Cantonese Style and Pak Choy with Yellow Noodle  Taste: 8/10

Chunks of tender chicken thigh were cooked in savoury brown sauce, topped with a clove of garlic. The carbohydrate turned out to be enjoyably chewy yellow noodle cooked with julienned carrots and onions. However, the Chinese cabbage was overcooked, albeit juicy.

French Coffee Cake  Taste: 8.5/10

I truly enjoyed the dessert that really had a heady aroma of coffee, not to mention that its taste was pretty strong too. It was neither overwhelmingly sweet nor sickeningly rich for my blood.


While the inside was acceptably soft, I found that the outer layer was too dry for me.


I opted for a glass of the ubiquitous Coca-Cola with ice cubes, followed by a cup of tea (not shown) after the meal. Anyway, a cup of water was also served on each tray.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

As their slogan goes, "Smooth as Silk", the landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport was perfectly smooth. Pika's advice: Pretty much similar to Singapore Airlines' Book the Cook service, you can pre-order premium meals when flying on the business or first class. 

Actually I've never counted how many of these warrior-like statues are there in the airport. Does anyone know? :P

Thai Airways

Economy Cabin
Boeing 747-400

*No separate price given as meals are included in the ticket price.

Have a nice meal,

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