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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

THA: Holiday Inn Express: Bangkok Siam [Breakfast]

Fresh vegetables from the salad bar, but any Grab & Go service available?

Prior to the recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I'd never stayed at any of Holiday Inn properties. Hence, my experience at Holiday Inn Express: Bangkok Siam (3*) was the first. Strategically located in the heart of Siam, next to National Stadium BTS sky train station, it features 300 rooms, as well as a rooftop garden.

To be honest, I forgot to take note of the breakfast hours. Pika's advice: Apart from the buffet, the hotel also has a Grab & Go option that you may consider when you're in a hurry. However, I noticed that it wasn't ready when I came down before 7.00am, and neither was any food seen on that particular counter when I finished my breakfast.


A good breakfast has to begin with fresh salad. Thankfully, that was the case that morning. I enjoyed the sweet mayonnaise that brought all the fresh ingredients together.


The congee, by itself, was entirely plain. What gave it some flavours were the Thai salted pork chunks, although they weren't particularly stunning. 

Assorted Stuff

The fried rice with chicken was alright, although it could be more flavourful. There's nothing much to comment about the ordinary sausage and omelette either.


I had to toast the croissant to get that slightly crispy outside. While the inside wasn't particularly airy, the French classic was buttery to a small extent.

Pastry & Muffin

Apart from the fact that they three kinds of pastry were leaning towards the soft side, they were pretty enjoyable still. On the other hand, the chocolate muffin was a bit hard and dry for my liking. 


The sweet and juicy watermelon slices were delightful, but not so much the somewhat dry cantaloupe and the slightly overripe mini banana. 

Mocha Chocolate & Orange Cordial Drink

The hot mocha chocolate had a mild, but pleasant taste, while the orange cordial drink had the right degree of sweetness. 

Melon's Rating
Taste: 6.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Overall: 6.5/10

The food wasn't exactly fantastic, but adequate. The salad was definitely better than those served in some other hotels I've been to. BTW, you can see elephant plant sculptures near the hotel as shown in the picture below.

Holiday Inn Express: Bangkok Siam

889 Rama I Road
(Daily: 6.00am - 10.00am)

*No separate price given as buffet breakfast is included in the room price.

Have a nice meal,

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