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Sunday, October 9, 2016

SIN: Sea Scent Restaurant

Decent seafood marinara, but insipid chicken curry...

Located at Keppel Club alongside the waves of the ocean, Sea Scent Restaurant offers a variety of Asian and Western dishes. It overlooks the ramparts of the old Fort Siloso and Labrador Park, where diners can occasionally watch the ferries ply the harbour. 

My BFF and I had a fair share of local and international cuisine for lunch.

Crispy Potato Wedges S$6.00
Taste: 7/10

The potato wedges didn't quite live up to its name as they weren't entirely crispy, which was sort of understandable due to the fact that they were topped with melted mozzarella cheese. Accompanied by mayonnaise on the side, they were a decent enough snack to have while we waited for the main dishes to come.

Chicken Curry with Rice S$8.50
Taste: 5/10

Despite the promising colour of the dish, I was disappointed with the chicken curry as it was neither thick enough nor rich in flavours. Even though the chicken was acceptably tender, the gravy was so mild that I was wondering whether I was really having curry. 

Seafood Marinara S$17.00
Taste: 7.5/10

Thankfully, the seafood marinara was a better option. While the spaghetti could be cooked better, the seafood items - prawns, mussels and scallops - were adequately fresh. The sauce made of tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs was pleasant on the tongue, but perhaps it could be a tad sweeter.

Banana Fritters with Dip S$5.00
Taste: 7/10

Looking for a sweet ending to the meal, we ordered the banana fritters that came with chocolate sauce. The batter wasn't overly thick, while the banana was only slightly sweet, so the dip was most welcomed.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 6/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7.5/10
Overall: 7/10

Nothing special, I'd say. Perhaps you may want to take a dip in the swimming pool next to the restaurant. Pika's advice: Keppel Club members can enjoy 10% discount and service charge waiver.

Sea Scent Restaurant

10 Bukit Chermin Road
Keppel Club
(Wed-Mon: 11.00am - 10.00pm)

*Prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Have a nice meal,

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