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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy 6th Anniversary!

I can't believe six years have passed by quickly. Happy 6th anniversary to the blog! I did a simple celebration with Pikachu and Melon by getting a piece of lemon sponge cake from a bakery near home.

As of 26 February 2017, 00.00am...

No. of Reviews: 652 (from 530 last year)

No. of Pageviews: 142,543 (from 113,151 last year)

Top 5 Posts (by Pageviews):
1) SIN: Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant (retained since last year)
2) HKG: Hang Heung Bakery (恆香老餅家) (retained since last year)
3) SIN: Cocotto (newcomer)
4) SIN: Wu Ke Shu @ Satay by the Bay (down from the 3rd position last year)
5) SIN: Transtar Travel Pte. [Solitaire Coach] (down from the 4th position last year)

That buffet restaurant still claims the top spot till this very day.

Top 5 Countries (by Pageviews):
1) Singapore (retained since last year)
2) United States (retained since last year)
3) Indonesia (retained since last year)
4) Russia (retained since last year)
5) Hong Kong (retained since last year)

Indonesia and Russia are very close. I wonder who are my Russian fans.

As always, thank you for the support! I promise I'm going to try updating as often as possible, although I must say that my attention is pretty much divided with my travel blog. :P

Have a nice meal,

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