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Hello, I'm Cliff Anderson, a resident of Singapore and a diluted 'ang moh'! Why Cliff(y), you ask? Well, a lot of people I've met since primary school till now have always called me Cliffy!

Friday, June 23, 2017

SIN: Tin Hill Social Kitchen and Bar

That was a pretty awesome smoked pork belly sandwich!

Situated at Turf Club Road near the horse stables, Tin Hill Social Kitchen and Bar offers a relaxing ambience for its patrons to have a meal or simply chill out with a glass of drink or two. As I looked at the website just now, it appears that the eatery has made some changes to the menu. Nevertheless, all the items that I tried that day are still available.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SIN: Sushi Goshin

What a delicious unagi bento with mouth-watering fried swordfish!

Hello, folks! I'm finally home! I'll definitely be writing about my food adventure during my overseas trip, but before that, let's take a look at this particular Japanese restaurant that's under the Akashi group. I happened to have some Robinson vouchers that were going to expire soon, hence the decision to try Sushi Goshin out. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

SIN: Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

A Halal bistro serving authentic Swedish cuisine!

Before I sign out for an overseas trip till 18 June 2017, I shall write an entry on this particular Swedish bistro at Beach Road. Fika, which basically means 'to have coffee', is a concept of having a break in Swedish culture. The city of Kalmar was the first to set a record where 2,620 individuals gathered for a fika on 6 June 2007.

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