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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

TRY: Camlica Sosyal Tesisleri

Have you heard of Noah's Pudding before?

With the help of my sister, my BFF and I finally crossed the Bosphorus Strait and climbed to the peak of Camlica Hill. We had dinner at the one and only restaurant up there, which is run by the government. There's a cover charge of only ₺1.00 (~S$0.30) per person.

The menu booklet states the calories contained in each of the dishes. 


Packed bread can be found on each table. I took one for supper at the hotel, which turned out to be soft enough despite the fact that it was a bit dry.

Rice-Stuffed Vine Leaves ₺7.00 (~S$2.25)
Taste: 7/10

We spread the 346 calories contained in the appetiser dish among the three of us. Drizzled with some fresh lemon juice, the four rolls were aromatic enough, although the vine leaves could be fresher. The rice was mixed with pine nuts for an added texture.

Roasting Chicken ₺12.00 (~S$3.90)
Taste: 8/10

In case you're wondering, I typed the name of the dish as it is without correcting the grammar. The chicken cooked with bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and spices were enjoyable. It was accompanied by three pieces of potato wedges and flavoured rice. The 549 calories were worth it.

Grilled Sole Fish ₺17.00 (~S$5.50)
Taste: 7.5/10

Practically a misnomer, the sole fish worth 168 calories was obviously not grilled. It wasn't a case of a wrong order as my sister did clarify with the server. Anyway, the fish was pretty succulent, going well with yogurt sauce. In another saucer was a small piece of crumbly helva, a sweet confection made of sesame paste for dessert.

Noah's Pudding ₺15.00 (~S$4.90)
Taste: 8/10

Traditional folklore has it that Noah gathered all the remaining ingredients to make this particular dessert dish that's known as ashure in the local language. Offered to us was a bowl of congee made of barley topped with chopped pistachios and grated coconuts, among others. Having 441 calories, it was heart-warming without being overly sweet.

Sahlep ₺5.00 (~S$1.60)
Taste: 9/10

It was my virgin experience with the thick, starchy drink made of flour processed from the tubers of orchids. I didn't have it inside the restaurant, but rather from the kiosk outside. Served piping hot, it was truly pleasing on the palate. Its sweetness was accentuated by the fragrant cinnamon powder. 

Melon's Rating
Taste: 8/10
Ambience: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10

The interior of the restaurant is quintessentially Turkish. Pika's advice: There are quite a few of Sosyal Tesisleri restaurants around, each of them having different chef's special dishes for your consideration.

Camlica Sosyal Tesisleri

Camlica Hill
(Daily: 8.00am - 11.00pm)

*Prices quoted are nett prices.

Have a nice meal,

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