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SIN: Seasons Bistro {CLOSED}

One of the most amazing grilled fish dishes I've ever had so far! UPDATE (25/05/2016):  The restaurant has closed down. I've always had an inclination towards fusion food. The marriage of elements of different culinary traditions can be pretty intriguing to the eyes and tongue. Seasons Bistro is one restaurant offering such charming creations at TripleOne Somerset.

SIN: Spizza Mercato

Super cheesy gnocchi with ham!  Hi, everyone! We're back! One month flew like a rocket, and school reopens next week. Well, I'm here to spread the news to those who haven't heard that Capitol Theatre has reopened. Next to it is a luxury shopping mall named Capitol Piazza, where I had a quiet dinner on a weekday. 

SIN: Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies

Affordable sets, including Buddha Jumps Over the Wall! I'm actually wondering how many times have I written a review before nightfall? Some of my friends have been 'scolding' me for publishing reviews at night as it makes them hungry. Anyway, I'm going to fly off somewhere tonight, so here's today's short review on a hole-in-the-wall eatery that's owned by Yeow Seng (Seafood) Pte Ltd. The company has been a purveyor of canned seafood items, such as shark's fin and abalone, for more than 30 years at the point of writing.

SIN: Oromo Coffee

Peter Pan surely loves his pancakes with gooey blueberry jam! I've always liked the idea of all-day breakfast. As someone who usually eats breakfast at home, I'm always enthusiastic to try breakfast items offered by various eateries out there without being limited by time. 'Twas one afternoon I went down to Oromo Coffee at Shaw Towers with my BFF to have a light meal before heading to the cinema. 

SIN: Tai-Parfait {CLOSED}

Nice taiyaki stuffed with banana, cream cheese and custard! UPDATE (28/02/2016):  All the available branches have closed down. When I walked past Tai-Parfait's kiosk at Plaza Singapura, I was immediately reminded of the amazing taiyaki (Japanese sea bream-shaped cake) from Kogane Taiyaki (黄金鯛焼き) I had in Kyoto, Japan on the last day of 2013. My mouth was pretty itchy, so I decided to drag my friends to try one or two from Tai-Parfait, hoping to relive that magical moment on New Year's Eve.

SIN: 1 Market by Chef Wan {CLOSED}

Halal Asian buffet with pretty good chicken satay! UPDATE (20/08/2016):  The restaurant has closed down. The opening of 1 Market by Chef Wan, which offers a gastronomic spread of Asian cuisine, has added to the list of  Halal  certified buffet restaurants in the country. Have you heard of him before? I've got to know more about the Malaysian celebrity chef, who was actually born in Singapore, after watching his show - East Bites West - in the National Geographic Channel. 

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