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PHI: PAL International Mabuhay Lounge @ Manila Airport

And just one more bowl of 'arroz caldo' before I left the country! Pikachu and Melon wish our readers a Happy Easter! Have you got yourselves some chocolate eggs? :) Unfortunately, we haven't. When I was looking through my posts in the morning, to my disbelief, I found out that this review has been saved as a draft for a long time. Anyway, I spent about an hour or so in the PAL International Mabuhay Lounge before I boarded on the plane to fly back to HK.

SIN: Box n Sticks {MOVED}

Tiramisu with Japanese whiskey! UPDATE (20/08/2014): The eatery has moved to 28 Kandahar Street. We often hear that the Japanese are nice people. Well, it seems that the owners of the restaurant strives to be like the Japanese haha... It's written on the window of the restaurant: "We are nice people. No GST. No service charge." Anyway, I went there for the weekday Lunch Promotion (11.30am - 4.00pm). By topping up S$3.80  with any order of a main course, you'll get two side dishes and a drink to complete your meal.

SIN: Sweet Dynasty

Carrot cake studded with pumpkin bits... First of all, have a blessed Good Friday, everyone! Have you had your hot cross buns for today? :) Established in 2010 at The Central, Sweet Dynasty has a motto: "The sweetness of life starts here". It's a small eatery serving not only dessert items, but also savoury snacks. They've also come up with ten reasons to love their eatery and, of course, their food. Interested to know? Click on the link at the end of this review to find out!

SIN: Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine {MOVED}

Where chicken, prawns and crab roe come together... UPDATE (26/04/2014):  The restaurant has moved to 435 Sembawang Road. It opens daily from 11.30am to 11.00pm. The memories of the exchange programme in HK has led me to the search for restaurants offering Cantonese cuisine. Back to United Square in Novena after a long time (the most memorable moment there was studying for 'O'-Level Geography with my fellow SJI and CHIJ friends in Starbucks), I found Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine which has been running since 2005.

SIN: The Tastings Room

Colourful duck confit with crispy skin! Basing itself on the philosophy of Epicurus: "Pleasure is the starting point of every choice and of every aversion", The Tastings Room offers contemporary French cuisine with its dim and laid-back ambience. The restaurant also has its own wine store. I ordered the value-for-money Four Course Set Menu priced at S$48.00 per person, and I came out of the restaurant with a big smile pencilled on my face.

SIN: Hood Bar and Café

Flush your worries away with Mudslide! Eat, drink and be merry. When you're feeling down, sometimes you just want to chill while listening to hyper live music. Fans of Jimi Hendrix, anyone? Hood Bar and Café has got one pizza variety named after the American musician. Care to guess the toppings? In any case, do read to find out! :)

SIN: Xi Men Ding Taiwan Cuisine {CLOSED}

Melt-in-the-mouth cod fillet! UPDATE (28/05/2019):  The restaurant has closed down. There was a time when I was feeling down for reasons I can't recall, but I remember that my friend brought me to dine at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Being the third restaurant under the Creative Eateries group reviewed in this blog, Xi Men Ding Taiwan Cuisine claims to offer dishes which remain true to their roots, but with a modern flair. We ordered the Set B priced at S$32.80 per person, comprising six dishes with a choice of either rice or porridge.

SIN: Lee's Taiwanese

Come for the salt and pepper chicken only? Have you dropped by The Star Vista, a relatively new shopping mall strategically located next to the Buona Vista MRT station? I've been there quite often to meet up with friends and have dinner at different eating places. The concept behind Lee's Taiwanese is the famous night market at Keelung Temple Street in Taiwan.

SIN: Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee

Luscious Malaysian (and nearly Indonesian) style noodle! I've never known about kolo mee , a notable Kuching dish of egg noodle, until a few months back. Its taste has always satisfied my craving for the Indonesian counterpart:  bakmi babi  (lit. pork noodle). Due to the proximity of Kuching in the Sarawak region of Malaysia and the land of Kalimantan of Indonesia, I guess it's no wonder why the dishes are fairly similar. 

SIN: Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs

Sweet marriage between warm apple strudel and vanilla ice cream! To reward myself for surviving the very last, inappropriately named recess week I had in NUS, I went to CHIJMES in search of mouth-watering Western food. Bobby's is well-known for their pork ribs, but to be honest, I wasn't really in the mood to try them.

SIN: Taipei Café

Simple, but yummy braised pork intestines! Craving for Taiwanese delights, but have no time to fly all the way to Taipei? Head down to Taipei Café near Bugis Junction, a humble eatery which offers a wide range of authentic Taiwanese dishes as recommended by many of my friends. When I first visited the eatery, I had the  Xi Men Ding Pork Ribs Rice Set , priced at S$15.50 . Each set offered comes with two side dishes (half servings), as well as a bowl of soup.

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