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HKG: Wah Fung

Amazing Guangdong fare, presumably the barbecued meat as well!

Greetings from Jeju Island! I have prepared this review to be published during my stay here to make up for the lack of speed in updating my blog (but hmm, actually I've already written more reviews than I did last month!). Anyway, I'll still be talking about HK food for now. Wah Fung is a restaurant which actually specialises in barbecued meat, but somehow, I wasn't really craving for one the other day.

HKG: Hing Lok Restaurant

Cheap and good seafood with exemplary service!

After completing the trek around Cheung Chau Island, I had no choice but to follow what my growling stomach coerced me to find a nice seafood restaurant for dinner! Thankfully, I managed to remember the name Hing Lok from what I read over the Internet and recognise the Chinese characters as well (yes, even though it's difficult for me to speak Chinese, much less Cantonese, I guess I have adequate knowledge on Chinese characters and kanji, and adequate listening skills for sure; too bad Hokkien is just useless here in HK!).

HKG: U Can Cook

Wide variety of Japanese and Western set meals!

So sorry for being tardy in updating the blog nowadays. I lost my mood to write a few days ago, but I guess I'm feeling better now. Anyway, I found this small, but cosy eatery when I went to Cheung Chau Island for a trek. Too bad I arrived a bit late for the set lunches which seem to be very popular, and so my friend and I ordered an all-day set meal each, comprising a bowl of soup, a piece of garlic bread, a main course and a drink.

HKG: Daddyos {CLOSED}

Eat at your own risk... What?

UPDATE (09/11/2019): The restaurant has closed down.

Daddyos emerged in early 2007 with a mission "to provide customers the delicious taste of America" and a goal "to conquer the world with [their] secret recipes". I really love their ambitions!

HKG: Red Ant Restaurant

Mouth-watering baked rice with cod!

I wasn't that hungry that evening after walking around in Causeway Bay. Actually I can't remember why I was there in the first place, but anyway, I found Red Ant Restaurant which is located on the ground floor of a building which looks kinda run-down from the outside. Rest assured, the interior is decent, and I managed to have a quite dinner that evening since there weren't many people inside.

HKG: Ivan the Kozak

Bursting with butter! Make a guess?

I'm gonna tell you a secret: I tend to succumb to the charm of neon signs. Located in a small alley in the Central - Mid-Level Escalator vicinity, Ivan the Kozak has been serving a wide array of Russian and Ukrainian dishes since 2001. Well, despite the suggestive reference, I didn't drink at all when I first visited the restaurant haha...

HKG: Islam Food

How delicious is the ever-popular veal goulash?

Being one of the most famous Halal eateries in HK, Islam Food has been specialising in Xinjiang cuisine since 1950. The founder of the eatery, Mr. Ma, mentioned, "that serving customers with the best quality food 'is' the only way to retain customers". True enough, the queue is always there everyday.

HKG: Chi Lin Vegetarian

Mushrooms galore!

Situated in the middle of Nan Lian Garden, a garden styled after the Tang Dynasty next to Chi Lin Nunnery, Chi Lin Vegetarian prides itself in serving Cantonese style vegetarian food.

HKG: Rumah Makan Sedap Gurih

Hot and aromatic nasi kuning!

I chanced upon this particular eatery when I was walking around Causeway Bay, after buying some stuff (one of them being my favourite kerupuk bawang, or onion crackers) from Indo Market to be more specific. I was really attracted by the pictures of the food shown, hoping that the food offered would be truly sedap (lit. delicious) and gurih (lit. savoury).

HKG: Bookworm Café

Read and indulge in organic vegetarian food!

I have to apologise to Bookworm Café for overlooking the set of pictures I took when I had my brunch there. Thankfully, I realised that last night. Tucked in a small street in Yung Shue Wan village in Lamma Island (despite the name being Yung Shue Wan Main Street), the humble café serves organic vegetarian food, and is popular among the expatriates.

HKG: Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC prepared chickens with sauce? :O

I guess it's high time for me to go back to HK stuff since the last review was written on 22 March 2012. Well, who doesn't know KFC, a chain of fast-food restaurants founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952? I'm writing this review to show you one of the limited edition set meals KFC in HK came up with.

MFM: Grand Waldo Hotel [Breakfast]

Fluffy omelette for breakfast!

UPDATE (5/4/2015): The hotel has been bought over by Galaxy Macau, and is no longer in operation. Little is known what happens to the building at the moment.
Grand Waldo Hotel (5*) is more or less a self-contained hotel, located within walking distance from the famous Galaxy Macau. It has its own casino; good for those of you who prefer to play in a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere.

MFM: Quick Rich Meals @ Tastes of Asia, Galaxy Macau

Choose from five different stalls!

My friend and I purchased our ferry tickets to Macau from a travel agency in HK, and included was a Quick Rich Meals coupon for each ticket which can be redeemed for a set meal from some of the stalls in Tastes of Asia food court at Galaxy Macau.

MFM: Restaurante Fernando

Charcoal-grilled chicken goodness!

When you only have 2D1N to spend in Macau, perhaps you won't even think of going to Coloane, the southern-most island in Macau. However, I purposely spent some time the other day to find Fernando's to try its famous charcoal-grilled chicken. Oh, the restaurant is conveniently located near Hac Sa Beach.