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Friday, August 19, 2011

INA: Chatime

Tea time with bubble tea!

I managed to drop by a new shopping mall in Alam Sutera, a housing complex where my school (St. Laurensia) is located, a few days before I returned to Singapore. Well, actually it wasn't my intention to drink bubble tea because my family and I just had a heavy lunch at Bakmi GM (cool, there's an even nearer branch to home now!). It was my greedy sister's idea haha, whoops...

One good thing was that they were pretty generous with the amount of toppings in each cup, although the price wasn't that cheap.

Pearl Milk Tea (Large) Rp 24,000 (~S$3.40)
Taste: 8/10

Of course we had to try the original milk tea. I enjoyed the milk tea because the milk wasn't too over-powering so that the taste of the tea itself didn't die out. It wasn't too sweet either, and the smoothness of the tea soothed my throat (especially after eating fried wantons).

Passion Fruit Juice QQ (Large) Rp 24,000 (~S$3.40)
Taste: 6/10

I couldn't really appreciate this one although my sister thought it was good. I felt that the passion fruit tasted artificial even thought it wasn't too bad, and the drink was a tad too sweet for me. The huge bits of coconut jelly saved the day though; at least they were better than average. Oh yes, I wonder what does QQ mean or stand for? Pika's advice: I guess it's better to ask for the lowest sugar level for this drink!

Melon's Rating
Taste: 7/10

There's nothing much to talk about the ambience because there were only a few tables in front of the counter and most people took away their orders. Perhaps I'll be back only for the milk tea or its variations.


Living World Alam Sutera #G-47-B
Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav. 21
Serpong, Tangerang
(Daily: 10.00am - 10.00pm)

*Prices quoted are nett prices.

Have a nice meal,


Anonymous said...

Wow, from what i see so far in your blog, the food in Singapore are quite similar with the food in Taiwan, but i am not sure with the taste instead, haha. By the way, the pearl milk tea is one of my fav drink in Taiwan. you can find the drink store anywhere in Taiwan. anyway the price of the pearl milk tea in here is about 30NT~55NT (9000IDR-16000IDR) depend on the store and the city.
The QQ (just read: "kyu-kyu") is the Chinese term to describe something chewy/"kenyal2" of the pearl or bubble..haha

Anonymous said...

oops, ternyata belinya di indo ya, haha

Cliff Anderson said...

Haha, iya, belinya di Indo XD Di SG ga ada Chatime deh kayanya. Ini aslinya memang dari Taiwan bukan ya?

Anonymous said...

tadi barusan browsing sih ada kemungkinan pemiliknya memnag Taiwanese. Tapi so farselama aku tinggal di Taiwan blm pernah lihat toko minuman ini. Di Taiwan toko minuman sejenis ini ada banyak banget, tp ada 1 favoritku namanya 50嵐 (baca: wu shi lan) http://www.50lan.com.tw/drinks.php
this is the best in my opinion XD

Cliff Anderson said...

嵐=あらし=storm? Haha... Sorry bahasa Mandarin ngepas2 haha, selama ini belajarnya Japanese XD Wahh jadi pengen coba :D Kalau di SG, aku paling suka GongCha: http://www.gong-cha.com/ :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, artinya bukan badai..
Mungkin yang kamu maksud itu 風(Fēng) baru artinya angin/badai/topan, biasa dipasangin dengan huruf 颱 jadi 颱風:taifeng=typhoon. Kalo 嵐 sendiri aku pernah tanya sm taiwanese, ga ada artinya kalo 1 kata berdiri sendiri. hurufnya memnag mirip, cuma bagian atasnya dan kirinya beda, coba abndingin 3 huruf ini: 颱,風,嵐. so much fun kan? lol.. eh km bukannya bisa mandarin/hokkien ya?

Anonymous said...

baru lihat website gong-cha, trus dia ada tulis: 貢茶為了維持最高的茶飲品質,調製茶飲堅持使用百分之百的純品好茶原料,決不添加人工香料,挑選茶葉原料更以道地台灣茶為首選, yang intinya, bahan2nya diambil dari Taiwan (台灣). You should come to Taiwan then! XD

Cliff Anderson said...

Haha, terima kasih buat penjelasannya. Chinese ga terlalu bisa, pernah belajar sih dulu tapi cuma sebentar. Kalau buat denger percakapan sehari-hari sih masih bisa, tapi kalau disuruh ngomong, gawat deh :P Sama juga dengan Hokkien, karena di rumah pada pake bahasa itu, ya jadi pick up sendiri aja hehe.

Kalau Japanese, 風 (kaze) = angin, tapi kalau ditambah radical yang gunung itu jadi 嵐 (arashi) = storm. Memang beda ya haha... Ahh, yes2, I notice those characters, 台灣, haha... Jadi tambah semangat mau kesana!

Anonymous said...

hi cliff, sorry sblmnya aku bilang chatime gak ada di taiwan. hari ini baru lihat ternyata ada chatime di taipei bus station @@ and yes, chatime originally from Hsinchu county, Taiwan. Trus di store mereka sih, mereka bilang ada branch di banyak negara termasuk indonesia dan singapura :)