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Saturday, March 31, 2018

TRY: Yildizlar Restaurant

Enjoying delectable seafood on a 'ship'!

My sister is an avid fan of seafood. Given that she's tired of eating kebab, I decided to give her a treat at one of the many restaurants under the bustling Galata Bridge spanning the Golden Horn. At Yildizlar Restaurant with its ship-like interior, the price of each dish is clearly written on the menu.

Pika's advice: Don't be surprised to see a cover charge of ₺3.00 (~S$1.00) per person on your bill. Anyway, the prices quoted on the menu are all nett prices.


I enjoyed the pretty looking bread topped with sesame seeds that was served warm. It was crispy and not hard, going well with the tapenade that had an adequate amount of olive oil.

Pachanga Pastry ₺20.00 (~S$6.55)
Taste: 8/10

My BFF and I were so excited to be reunited with the savoury Turkish pastry, while my sister told us that she didn't eat it often. Each of us got one piece, and we all concurred that it was crispy enough without being too oily. It was stuffed with ground meat, presumably beef, along with cheese and red peppers.

Sea Bream ₺32.00 (~S$10.60)
Taste: 8/10

As one of the most affordable fish dish on the menu, the pan-fried sea bream certainly didn't disappoint at all, for it was fresh and succulent. The natural sweetness of the flesh was accentuated by the acidity of the lemon. The mashed potatoes, however, weren't that great as they were somewhat dry.

Grilled Calamari ₺33.00 (~S$10.85)
Taste: 8/10

The grilled calamari rings might not look the most appetising out there, but they were tasty and not rubbery at all with smoky aroma. I could tell that the accompanying tartar sauce was freshly made instead of coming from a bottle. It was light on the palate.

Shrimp Fried in Butter ₺35.00 (~S$11.50)
Taste: 7.5/10

I ordered a dish of small shrimps in a stone bowl that reminded my BFF and me of our trip to the third most populous city in Istanbul called Izmir a few years ago. It wasn't as fantastic as the one we had at Kordon Yengec Restaurant though, but it was aromatic and savoury alright.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

It was a relaxing dinner with friendly service.

Yildizlar Restaurant

10 Galata Bridge
(Opening hours unknown - Anyone knows?)

*Prices quoted are nett prices.

Have a nice meal,

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