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Monday, August 28, 2017

BRN: Royal Brunei Airlines [Business, International, Short-Haul]

Yummy Thai main course with a truly great service!

Following that relaxing moment inside the Sky Lounge at Brunei International Airport, my BFF and I boarded the aircraft that would bring us to Manila, the Philippines. The journey took approximately 2 hours 10 minutes. That'd be our second time in the megalopolis.

Pikachu was initially wondering which main course, out of the three choices available, to choose for lunch.

Welcome Drink

A choice of apple juice, orange juice or mineral water was offered to each passenger before take-off.

Pre-Meal Beverage & Snack
Teh Tarik Taste: 7.5/10

Royal Brunei Airlines doesn't seem to have a signature drink, so I opted for a cup of teh tarik (lit. pulled tea) that was promptly brought to me after take-off. Although it could be richer, it wasn't shabby at all. It came with two small packets of wafers.

RB Meal

Pan-Fried Scallop with Salmon Taste: 8/10

The lunch service began with a starter of bouncy scallop and moist salmon that came with salad and asparagus stalks. While the two seafood items were fresh, the asparagus stalks were somewhat dry, while the vinaigrette dressing could be more piquant.

Kheng Massaman Beef Taste: 8/10

My Thai main course of dry beef curry was pretty solid in terms of taste. The red meat was tender, while the curry was rich enough for my liking. Having said that, it could be a little bit spicier. The sautéed winter melon was juicy, but it could be cooked for a shorter period of time.

Halibut Piccata with Lemon Butter Sauce - Taste: 7/10

My BFF went for the breaded halibut fillets with spaghetti. While the fish was flaky and substantial, the spaghetti wasn't that moist. The latter could certainly be tossed with olive oil first before being plated. The lemon sauce was zesty, but it could use more butter to make it richer.

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake - Taste: 7.5/10

I had already started feeling very full by the time I finished my main course. Thankfully, the hazelnut chocolate cake topped with peanut crumbs wasn't neither too heavy nor very sweet. I politely declined the offer of coffee and tea to go with my dessert.


I only took a piece of garlic bread from the basket. It was warm, fluffy and aromatic.


The only cold beverage that I requested for was Bundaberg ginger beer. A glass of mineral water was placed on the meal tray by default for each passenger. Pika's advice: Coffee lovers may want to order their freshly brewed filter coffee or espresso. According to the menu booklet, the latter is only available in designated aircrafts though.

Melon's Rating
Taste: 7.5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 8.5/10
Overall: 8/10

Overall, it was a decent lunch. More importantly, it was the service rendered by the two amiable flight attendants that made the flight really enjoyable. Thank you! :)

Royal Brunei Airlines

Business Cabin
Airbus 320

*No separate price given as meals are included in the ticket price.

Have a nice meal,

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