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Saturday, May 2, 2015

SIN: Spizzico {MOVED}

Delightful mushroom ravioli, but it was a wrong order...

UPDATE (11/03/2016): The restaurant has moved to Westgate at 3 Gateway Drive, which is linked to Jurong East MRT station.

One fine evening after a fulfilling day at work, my BFF and I went to have a quiet dinner at UE Square, which isn't that far away from where I live. As we chanced upon an Italian restaurant with a nice ambience, we decided to give it a try, not knowing that there'd be a turn of the tide to my feelings.

My little bear couldn't wait any longer to dig in! BTW, care to make a guess what he was going to eat? Find out the answer below.


As the only item that was promptly delivered to the table, the slices of bread were warm, moist and aromatic. It was a delight to dip them into the tangy mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Sformato di Melanzane alla Parmigiana S$20.00
Taste: 6.5/10

If your answer to the question posed above is lasagna, that's incorrect. The vegetarian-friendly appetiser of baked eggplant layered with cheese might look good, but it didn't go beyond my expectation. While the eggplant was good, it was the tomato sauce that wasn't powerful, bordering on being insipid.

Ravioli di Funghi Selvatici S$26.00
Taste: 9/10

I was already getting impatient with the extremely slow service, even though there were only a few diners that evening. To my exasperation, the chef cooked the wrong dish, so I didn't get to try their lamb ravioli. However, a blessing in disguise it seemed, as the ravioli with extraordinarily earthy wild mushrooms was fabulous. The cream sauce with truffle oil was light, but not at all runny.

Il Risotto alla Zafferano S$28.00
Taste: 5.5/10

The archetypal Italian rice dish, on the other hand, wasn't impressive with its dull yellow colour seemingly giving a hint to its flavour. Featuring a not-so-fresh mix of prawns, squid rings and mussels, it was also under-seasoned. To make it worse, I found what a butter wrapping paper under the bed of rice.

Crema Bruciata allo Zenzero S$4.00
Taste: 7.5/10

I chose to have a French dessert dish in an Italian restaurant. Sounds legit? Anyway, I found it pretty interesting that the crème brûlée was infused with ginger, sans its heat. Beneath the overly hard sheet of caramel, an aromatic custard layer existed, which could be more velvety. 

Melon's Rating
Taste: 7/10
Ambience: 8.5/10
Service: 4/10
Overall: 6.5/10

I was thankful for one of the staff who offered my BFF and me and my friend a free cup of tea each to make up for the mistake, but I doubt I'd be back. Pika's advice: Should you wish, you can be a member of the restaurant. Do take a look at the benefits in their website.


81A Clemenceau Avenue
#01-13 UE Square
(Daily: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.00pm - 10.30pm)

*Prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST.

Have a nice meal,

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